A Philanthrope is a financial supporter of ↓↑GivingTide.


The Philanthrope plays a triple role, namely: Giver, Influencer and Adviser

  1. Giver: A Philanthrope is a financial contributor to the BIG WAR. The levels of contribution are tabled below.
  2. Influencer: the Philanthrope serves as an evangelist to those in his or her sphere of influence, also known as the 5 F’s: Family (this category includes relations and in-laws), Fellows (this category includes neighbours and colleagues), Friends (this category includes associates and acquaintances), Followers / Fans (this category includes social media & email contacts) and Faithfuls (this category includes co-members of faith groups or other voluntary groups).
  3. Adviser: A Philanthrope serves as a special adviser on tactics and strategy to the ↓↑GivingTide team
1PhilanthropeCorporate PhilanthropeN1.000, 000
2Bronze CenturionBronze SponsorN10,000, 000
3Silver CenturionSilver SponsorN25,000, 000
4Gold CenturionGold SponsorN50, 000, 000
5Diamond CenturionDiamond SponsorN100, 000, 000
6Platinum CenturionPlatinum SponsorN200, 000, 000
7Titanic CenturionTitanic SponsorN1,000, 000, 000

Life’s persistent and most urgent question is “What are you doing for others?”. Martin Luther King Jr.

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